About Us

Dr. Elias’ practice is known for its success in the areas of both cosmetic general dentistry and facial esthetics.  At Dr. Elias’, we use state-of-the-art equipment not only to craft and perfect smiles but also to enhance and rejuvenate our patients’ facial features.  Dr. Lisa C. Elias, D.M.D., and staff work diligently to provide patients with results that far exceed expectations, paying painstakingly close attention to the details going into our patients’ procedures.  Our mission is to ensure that smiles are both appealing and healthy and that facial esthetic work is equally as flawless.

Our array of services, extensive experience and genuine desire to provide the highest quality dental and facial enhancements have set us apart from others and attracted a loyal patient base over the years, and we look forward to meeting with you personally to discuss our offered procedures and any questions or concerns you may have.